Track sawing

Cutting with the diamond wheel allows for extraction by controlling the shape, size and weight of a large mass without interacting with what surrounds it respecting the environment.

Applying cuts to the diamond disk on any type of material even on reinforced cement is the best technical system for execution speed, accuracy, limited noise and no vibrations.

This product is a stainless steel diamond disc that cuts materials in a clear and precise way through circular movements.

The water used to cool the utensils allows the removal of harmful dusts. The machine we have is different due to its strength and size that allows cutting of pieces with a depth of 1m deep on any vertical, horizontal or inclined surface.

The cut with the diamond disk is used in the reinforced cement structures where, depending on the needs of the project, a change is needed, thus avoiding unnecessary demolitions and costly construction.

We have the ability to cut out exact doors and windows or remove pillars, beams, walls, floors … cutting into reinforced cement into easy to handle pieces even in hard-to-reach places.